It's Called Layering

Layering ... it's all about layers. And why is it important as we in the southern hemisphere look forward into winter?

It's important because you want to keep warm and dry during winter. Starting with an undershirt, it helps to keep you warm whilst taking moisture away from your body and into the garment. Merino wool is a great fabric for this time of the year. The beauty of layering is that once you start climbing you can unzip your gilet or long sleeve as you tend to heat up during an effort of climbing. When you start descending you can zip them up and be warm and dry. Keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Another handy tip, pop some gloves or a snood in your back pocket whilst the weather is unpredictable. These items are small, easy to carry and super handy if you get caught in weather you weren't expecting.

As the seasons start to change so does our range here at NSL. This year we decided to concentrate on our off the bike range whilst incorporating winter essentials for on the bike. Therefore, we are producing one new long sleeve jersey, a fleecy sweat, a nice warm hoodie and a bobble hat (for those of you in any country other than England that is a beanie ... Malachi is from Yorkshire).

Stayed tuned.

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