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It's Called Layering

Layering ... it's all about layers. And why is it important as we in the southern hemisphere look forward into winter? It's important because you want to keep warm and dry during winter. Starting with an undershirt, it helps to keep you warm whilst taking moisture away from your body and into the garment. Merino wool is a great fabric for this time of the year. The beauty of layering is that once you start climbing you can unzip your gilet or long sleeve as you tend to heat up during an effort of climbing. When you start descending you can zip them up and be warm and dry. Keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Another...

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nsl studio showroom - our new home

Home - it is one of the three most important words in the English language. It invokes many different emotions from every person depending on what it means to you. Home - a place you go to after work, a place you grew up, a place that eludes you or a place you belong to.  So when the opportunity to move into the city for a new place to call our 'home' for our NSL headquarters, there were many emotions that we experienced. Would our community enjoy it? Would we enjoy it? Would the city have the same feel as our Fitzroy 'home' that we enjoyed for almost a year? The simple answer ... yes. We have come to a space...

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